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When it comes to vision, the needs of children and adults differ greatly.  For a start, children tend to have a hard time assessing their own vision, and usually assume that the way they see the blackboard or a page in a book is the same as everybody else. However, poor vision can seriously affect your child’s development, and visual fatigue can hamper progress at school. If your child is having trouble paying attention in class, is slow in learning to read, tends to be withdrawn and finds it hard to get along with other children, they may need vision care.

We will work closely with you as a parent, as well as teachers and other health professionals to ensure your child’s vision is a blessing, rather than a curse.

  • Did you know there are an estimated one million children with an undiagnosed vision problem in the UK?
  • We aim to make each child feel relaxed during their eye test and a good experience for them. It’s much easier to properly test children when they are relaxed.
  • When testing younger children we check to ensure their vision is developing correctly and they are not at risk of developing a squint or a lazy eye. A squint is where one of their eyes may tend to turn in or out. As well as cosmetic issues, this may also cause them to develop a lazy eye where their vision fails to develop properly.
  • A lazy (or amblyopic) eye needs to be corrected as early as possible, hopefully pre-school, so it can be treated and their vision can develop normally. By the age of approx 7 or 8 lazy eye can no longer be corrected although a squint can still be cosmetically repaired.
  • Other tests are carried out such as colour vision and depth perception tests (all fun) as well as a comprehensive health check of their eyes. Thankfully serious health issues in children are rare but early identification and treatment can be vital for their vision, and occasionally, for their general health.
  • Children with an undiagnosed sight problem tend to have much more difficulty at school. Often the treatment is just the need for glasses, so get them tested early!

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